Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How Many Paracetamol To Kill A Dog How Many Paracentamol (extra Strong) And Nytol Mixed With Booze Enough To Kill You?

How many paracentamol (extra strong) and Nytol mixed with booze enough to kill you? - how many paracetamol to kill a dog

I heard from a colleague who had a mixture of both and still alive was the worst thing was sick! I thought with so much alcohol probably kill you!

It has taken 14 Ntyol (one tablet per day) of paracetamol and 8 (extra large), which is entirely possible to survive after the U-or believe your lies?

U need to consider how to kill and for how long? in says he has a girlfriend of my friend, if he does not even dangerous!

Cert Personally, I will kill you within hours!

Maybe I'm wrong!

Cheers for your message, thank you for reading!


Green Goblin said...

You do not know why Richard W received two thumbs down. I hate people who give thumbs down, but give a better answer thennot say what was wrong with the others. Anyway, rant over.

I have a link "The acetaminophen can cause serious or fatal side effects of 150 mg / kg for most adults." Kg For an adult of 85, a little more than 12,000 mg.

What is a tablet of 500 mg extra strength in him? 1000mg? Thus, 8 of them are not enough. It may damage liver bad though.

But, as Richard W, people metabolize compounds at different speeds, for killing a person may have no effect on others.

goatsuck... said...

Do not kill all of the mixture of paracetamol with caffeine drinks hurt more. It depends if it takes place well before the paracetamol. Did I hear from a girl who died after taking paracetamol 2 a.m. to 1 p.m. Lemsip. I heard it was cause a slow and painful death, you have many hours of torture, was tried only in one case, try for yourself

Master_T... said...

Nytol is not to kill anyone, if you eat a truck such as paracetamol for the death .... very slow and painful, which destroys the liver, then liver failure. Tell a man and go under a train, or asking for help, look no attention pill girly crap!

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